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Seniors 2015
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Latest News 

In case you missed it last week, USA Gymnastics presented a webiner on concussions with special guest Dr. David Kruse that everyone could benefit from.  If you have time to watch it and want to share it with your membership, you can find it at

Updated JO Minutes
1.  Effective 2015:  Top 7 athletes in each age division will qualify to Level 9 East/West Championships. 
2.  Effective 2016:  The JO NIT will be eliminated and there will be 12 age divisions at JO Nationals with three days of competition.  
There have been a few updates to the R&P this week – mainly the updated meet format charts on pages 61 and 97.  Please note that we added a column for combined JO and Xcel sessions.

This Campaign is raising money for "Megan's Rehab Fund"
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Illinois Competitive Information Summary
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INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. 2, 2014 – As part of the organization’s ongoing efforts to promote a safe environment for athletes, USA Gymnastics has strengthened its policy regarding athlete participation in USA Gymnastics-sanctioned events. Effective Sept. 15, 2014, all athlete members must be affiliated with a USA Gymnastics member club to participate in USA Gymnastics-sanctioned events.
As of Sept. 15, 2014, unaffiliated athletes may no longer compete in USA Gymnastics-sanctioned events. All athletes participating in USA Gymnastics-sanctioned events must be affiliated with a USA Gymnastics member club. Only member clubs may apply for membership in USA Gymnastics on behalf of an athlete and/or register a team of athletes into sanctioned events. All member clubs agree to follow a number of registration requirements, including implementing recommendations from the Participant Welfare Policy; certifying that no persons permanently ineligible for USA Gymnastics membership – which includes convicted sex offenders and/or persons on the permanently ineligible for membership list – are or will be associated with the club or its activities in any way during the club’s membership period; and employing at least one staff member who holds a current, certified professional membership (or a certified instructor for a recreational facility).

Temple University Men's Gymnastics Program
There is an effert to try and get the Temple University Men's Gymnastics Program re-instated as a vasity sport.  The effort is put forth by the Men's Intercollegiate Support Program headed up by Bob Wuornos, Ph. D.  For the Temple University Program they have started the "Temple Challenge" which is a ten day effort with the purpose of fundraising, contacting the Temple University Administration and Trustees.  You can donate money by purchasing a t-shirt and/or banner.  See the attachments for further details. (Letter)  (Administration)  (T-shirt order)

Pictures from 2014 Secret US Classic

Pictures from Super Camp 2014

State Meets for 2015 Set
Level 3 - March 13-15, 2015
Level 4 - March 20-22, 2015
Level 5&Xcel - April 10-12, 2015
Level 6/7 - May 1-3, 2015
Level 8/9/10 - March 27-29, 2015

State Banquet Pictures
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State Congress Pictures
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2015 Seniors

Emily Basara
Level 10
Ultimate Gymnastics

Dara Williams
Level 10
Gymnastics Etc

Julia Beyer


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