You are invited to listen this new Gymnastics Song: =>  Having invoved in this sport, you may find it somewhat entertaining.  Please feel free to pass it along.

After many years of traveling around with our daughter for her gymnastic meets, one morning, at the 2nd meet of this season, the idea came to my mind and I decided to write this song to describe the love, passion, and discipline of these young girls young ladies and their devotion to their gymnastics sport.



Duke Nguyen Browning

Attention Club Owners and Professional Members! 

Every day we pick up the paper and read an article or hear a story on the news about the need to increase fitness opportunities for America’s youth. We are constantly reminded of the challenges that our youth face fighting the sedentary lifestyle that is a consequence of computers, video games, TV and other technologies. USA Gymnastics and the gymnastics community can lead the way in being a part of the solution; a solution that starts with the gymnastics clubs. (Click here for more)

Erna Wachtel Scholarship Award
Form Due March 7th
(Click here for form)

*2-12-2007 Revised*
Clarification Level 4 division of North and South
Interstate 80 is the dividing line.  North of  I 80 is North, South of I 80 is South  If you have any questions please email Teresa Millmore,
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Revised Prep-Opt Rules
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Level 4, 6 & 7 State Entry Forms Are Now Online
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2006-07 Illinois Competitive Information Summary
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Regional Congress Information and Procedures
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Clarification In Regards to Carpools for Judges
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Elite Newsletter Winter 2007
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The Last Qualifying date for both North and South Level 4 State meet will be February 25, 2007

Regional Judge Assignments Post on Region 5 Website
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Nominations for the Regional Administrative Committee Chairman and the Regional Elite Committee Chairman are due by March 1, 2007.  Please click here for more information.


May 15th Nominations Due JO,Saf,9/10,7,5
Elections start June 1st end June 15th
(Click Here for Online Nomination Form)

Region V NAWGJ Symposium 
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The following elements were inadvertently omitted from the list of skills that have changed value for the JO Program (as published in the minutes of the May 2006 joint J.O. and Technical Committee meeting). These values are effective August 1, 2006:

#7.303 (C) Free (aerial) round-off, landing on both legs
raise to D new # 7.403 

#8.404 (D) Salto backward stretched with legs together
raise to E new # 8.504

Connie Maloney
Women's Jr. Olympic Program Manager - 7/20/06

Photos From State Congress & Awards Banquet
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2006 Allstar Team
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My name is Cathy Newbury, I am the State Coordinator with ASSE.  We are a nonprofit organization working exchange students.

The Following High School exchange students need to find their host families.
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Regional Training Camps
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From Region 5 JO John Geddert

"For those who missed it, the 2006 National Championships was one of the most rewarding and exciting gymnastics events ever (at least from our point of view). We have had many successful national meets in the past. We have laid claim to the over all Regional Team Champions 5 of the last 7 years. We have captured 5 of 8 age group team titles on at least 4 separate occasions. STILL this year’s event carries special significance!


(5-6-07) *New*
2006-2007 State Meet Summary
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"The State Entry Fee will be decided at the Summer State Committee meeting and will be posted here at that time"

2006-2007 Calendar
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to Our 2006 Level 9 & 10
National Qualifiers
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(New 1-18-2006)

It’s here! - Introductory Coach Membership


USA Gymnastics is offering the Introductory coach membership for all Level 1-3 coaches. All Introductory coaches must become safety certified. They must also complete the Introductory Coach application and keep on file. The form can be located online in the forms section. This lower cost alternative allows coaches of Levels 1-3 with current safety certification to participate in sanctioned events. The membership is modeled after the Introductory Membership and is available for online registration.


Here is how easy it is to register:

1.      Locate the Introductory Coach application in the Forms section at, complete it and keep on file.

2.      Go to the Member Services link on the website, locate the register now link and then the link to register for the Introductory Coach membership.

3.      After you complete the form, you will receive your user id and password to register for and complete the online safety course, which is $65.00.

4.      Upon completion and processing of your online safety course results, your Introductory Coach Membership will be released and a membership card will be e-mailed to you.


Make certain your club mailing and e-mail addresses are up to date!


  • Make certain you are not missing out on the latest important information that your club needs to know. Keep your e-mail address current to ensure that you receive our informative broadcast e-mails.


  • In planning for the mailing of the 2006-2007 competitive seasons’ forms, please be certain that we have your clubs current address on file with Member Services. 



Kathy Feldmann

USA Gymnastics

Vice President - Member Services

National Congress Director

(New 1-05-06)

Updated Ruling for competitors who are non-citizens living and training in the US.

Effective immediately, non-citizen athletes who meet the above criteria will be eligible to compete and receive awards for all USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic sanctioned events including State, Regional, East/West and JO Nationals.

If a non-citizen athlete places in the top four (4) AA at JO Nationals, she will receive the award for her All-Around placement, however; she is not eligible to become a member of the US JO National Team.  In this instance, the next US citizen in rank order will be placed on the JO National Team.

Region 8 is setting up a hurricane victims fund for the gyms and judges on the coast in Region 8  

   (posted 10/28/04)


When emailing your scores to Cyndi Zimmerman at please be sure to email the sanction number for that meet.

USAG Committee Meeting 9-24-07 Minutes

Clubs/Coaches/Meet Directors
Level 6 - 4 (South) State Series Bids Due October 23
Click on the State Series Link of the left
Remember these are online forms.

STICK IT was just released on DVD

!!! Get ready for the 2007 Elite, Pre Elite & HOPEs Qualifiers !!!!

Region 5 will be hosting a Pre Elite / TOP / HOPEs Camp on December 27-29.
This Camp will have tons of information on the Code, TOPs, Pre Elite and HOPEs !!!
More information on the document attached !!!

if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

Enrique Trabanino
Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy

(Click Here for Forms)

Safety Course Sunday, December 3, 2006 @ Premier West, 2066 Mitchell Dr., Oswego, IL 60543
This will be the last safety course in Illinois for 2006.
Must register with USAG National Office two weeks prior to course.

Region Five All-star Germany Trip Wrap Up Click Here
Photo Album Click Here

Trip to Germany by Sandy Oldham

Good Luck 2006 Seniors

Anna Li 
Aerial Gymnastics Club
Received Full Ride Gymnastics Scholarship to UCLA

Justine Jaworowicz
Level 10
Energym Gymnastics

Abby Chovanec
Level 10
Gymkhana Gymnastics Club

Ginelle Elisabeth Galub
Level 10
Gymnastics Academy of Rockford

Laura Woolf
Level 10
Buffalo Grove Gymnastics
Attending University of Illinois & competing on the Gymnastics team.

Nicole Lovegreen
Level 9
Quincy Gymnastics
Will be attending the University of Missouri-Columbia

Olivia Maldonado
Level 10

Rachel LaCasse
Level 10
Springhill Gymnastics

Jessica Prousa
Level 10
Naperville Gymnastics Club
Full ride Gymnastics Scholarship to Illinois State University

Brittany Niemuth
Level 8
Mattoon Academy

Jamie Custer
Level 10
Arena Gymnastics
Full Ride Gymnastics Scholarship to University of Arizona

Arlene Waclawek
Level 10
Arena Gymnastics

Kelsi Santos
Level 9
American Eagles Gymnastics

Taylor Ruder
Level 8
Gym Corner
Attending Western Illinois University

Kristin Perchatsch
Level 10
Aerial Gymnastics Club
Full Ride Gymnastics Scholarship to Ohio State University

Melissa Johnson
Level 10
St. Charles Gymnastics
Full-ride to Southern Utah University

Melanie Hunt
Level 10
St. Charles Gymnastics
Attending Michigan State & Competing on the Gymnastics Team

Elizabeth "Z" White
Level 10
American Academy
Attending West Virginia University & Competing on the Gymnastics Team

Kelley Krengiel
Level 9
Phenom Gymnastics

Michelle Sahm
Level 9
Gym Corner

George Clauser
Level 10
Ultimate Gymanstics

Jocelyn Sandoval
Level 9
Gym Corner
Attending Northern Illinois University

Stephanie Lindeman
Level 9
Gymkhana Gymnastics

Brittany Howse
Level 10
Buffalo Grove Gymnastics
Competing for Cornell University

Shira Stolarsky
Level 9
Champaign County YMCA

Megan Smith
Level 7
Arena Gymnastics

Dana Kroeger
Level 9
Elk Grove Gymnastics

Meghan McKenna
Level 9
Elk Grove Gymnastics
Western Illinois University

Olivia Maldonado
Level 10
Huntley Unlimited Gymnastics
Attending University of Texas at Austin

Erin Micklos
Level 8
Gymkhana Gymnastics
Attending Bradley University

Ashley Hurley
Level 9
Energym Gymnastics

Natalie Blum
Level 10
Aerial Gymnastics
Full Ride Gymnastics Scholarship to Northern Illinois University

Elizabeth O'Brien
Level 9
Skyline Gymnastics
Attending Washington University, St. Louis

Katie Dillon
Level 9
Aerial Gymnastics Club
Attending Illinois State University



New (12-6-05)
Region V All-Star Trip to El Salvador

Read all about the El Salvador Trip
Click Here

The All-Star Wrap Up Report
Click Here

122 Gymnasts are selected for 2005 T.J. Maxx National TOPs Team

Molly Aldred, Gymnastics Academy of Rockford, Rockford, Ill., Diamond Level
Anaka Benink, Gymnastics Academy of Rockford, Rockford, Ill., Diamond Level
Cortney Fittanto, Gymnastics Academy of Rockford, Belvidere, Ill.
Jade Gough, Gymnastics Academy of Rockford, Roscoe, Ill.
Ariel Martin, Illinois Gymnastics Institute, Chicago, Ill. (2)
Hannah Miller, Gymnastics Academy of Rockford, Rockford, Ill., Diamond Level

NEW (11-8-05)
Compulsory Questions & Answers From USAG
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Our condolences on the death of Kristina Torisky go out to her family and friends.
Remember that your loss is shared by many friends who care and that you're in our thoughts and hearts and in our every prayer.

We just got some very exciting news and we wanted to share it with you immediately:  NBC’s Today Show
is going to feature the Tyson Fitness Challenge in a segment on Tuesday, June 13, to officially kick off this program. 

Do You Have a Story?

We are working with national media outlets (like NBC's Today Show) to promote the Tyson Fitness Challenge this summer.  We are asking for your assistance in identifying potential story lines that celebrate gymnastics role in helping young people get fit.  Do you have any stories such as the overweight kid who got in the gym and became more fit, or the kid who was inspired by Carly or Paul, or some other gymnast, to get in the gym and start getting fit?

We have meetings next week in New York and would like to share som eof these stories with these media outlets.

Email me your story today!

Thank you

Loree Galimore
USA Gymnastics
Club Services Manager

Meet Directors for 2006-2007 WE are starting the process for the 2006-2007 assigning of meets

We would like you to fill out the following form as completely as possible as we will be using this information to better serve you in the assigning of Meets (especially when we have a  deadlock on specific weekends
Make sure to email the form to
Thank you very much
Norbert Illinois USA Gymnastics Women's State Chairman
(Click Here for Form Download)

*New 5-8-06*


Country's top trampoline, tumbling athletes head to Schaumburg, Ill.
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – More than 1,600 gymnasts who compete in trampoline and tumbling will compete in the 2006 Trampoline and Tumbling National Championships, July 8-14, at the Renaissance Convention Center in Schaumburg, Ill. The seven-day event includes the U.S. Trampoline and Tumbling Championships, which is a junior and senior elite competition that determines the U.S. champion, on July 8-9 and the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Championships, which features competitions for Levels 5-10, on July 10-14...

        Regional Meet Bids

Regional Meet bids due August 10th to Kathy Shufflin

Level 9, 10 Regional April 20, 21, 22 2007 Modified Capital Cup format
Level 8 Regional April 27, 28, 29 2007 Traditional 2 gym Format Juniors Gym, Seniors Gym with 2 Vault setup per Gym (i.e. 4 vaults needed)

Election Ballots For USAG State Committee Online Now Closed Thanks for taking part in this important process
Click here for results

All-Star Team Criteria  Due July 1st

Make sure to get your scores to John Geddert by July 1, 2006.  John's email address:
The All-Stare Team Selection Criteria is listing in our Illinois Rules & Policy

Judges Professional Involment Forms
 Due August 1, 2006

2006 State Series Page Link

Link to 2005-2006 Rules & Policies

If anybody would be interested in sitting at the Illinois Table at the National Hall of Fame dinner in Minneapolis please tell me I will  reserve a place for you. Please tell me as soon as possible. 

We still need a Level 8 bid for Regional please send all bids to Kathy Shufflin at