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"I've learned you can't get anything the easy way. It all takes hard work." - Kristina Comforte, Inside Gymnastics Interview 04

2011 - 2012 Illinois State Rules and Policies

 State of Illinois                                                                               Section One

         State Committee Members   (Link)
ILNAWGJ Board of Directors  (Link)
Election Procedures Illinois USA Gymnastics Committee  
Committee Meeting Dates & Illinois State Hotline
Illinois Newsletters & Minutes  
         Partners in Gymnastics (Congress, Training Camps, Awards Banquet   
         Illinois Scheduling
         Safety Certification  &  Special Olympics
Petition for Gymnasts outside the USAG System & Mandate Scores &  NON USA Gymnastics Eligibility    

(Click Here For Petition Form)   

 Region 5                                                                                           Section Two

         Regional Committee Members  (Link)
         Regional Training Camps   (Link)
         All-Star Team Selection Criteria   (Link)
         Regional Procedures for Injury/Illness Petitions for J.O. Meets &  Region 5 Injury Petition ( Link)   

 Illinois Competition Information                                            Section Three

         Entry Requirements &  Out of State Scores (for mobility and State meet qualification)
         Illinois Injury Petition Procedure 
         Illinois Injury Petition (Link)          Illinois Petition Form
         Illinois USA Gymnastics Meet Site Evaluation Form  (Link)

 Illinois Meet Director Information                                                Section Four

         Meet Bid Form  See State Series  
         Meet Director's Reporting Procedure  
         Illinois State Awards 
  State Series Financial Form  (Link)  (word)


 Judges and Judging                                                                          Section Five

       Judge's Request Instructions -  Judging Panels -

Judge Selection Procedure: Nationals, Regional, & State. Changed!  

 Websites for Region 5 States & States Near Illinois                   Section Six

         Indiana (Link)                       
         Kentucky (Link)                           
         Michigan  (Link)                            
         Ohio  (Link)                                                              

A Parent's Guide to General Competition                                Section Seven

         So, You Made The Team
         Meet Etiquette for Gymnasts and Family Members
         Gymnastics Scoring Guide for Spectators
         How does the Illinois State Committee arrive @ State Series Schedule
         Other Useful Information
         Code of Ethics and Rights & Obligations of Gymnasts
         Junior Olympic Competitive Program
         Mobility Between Levels
         A Final Note